ZAF Consults With HEA

The Zambia Air Force (ZAF) yesterday held a consultation meeting with the Higher Education Authority (HEA) on the operationalisation of a Centre of Advanced Learning for the Air Force.

Speaking during the meeting, the head of the ZAF delegation, Colonel Terry Moono, who is also the Commandant of the Centre, stated that the Air Force intended the Centre to help upgrade its personnel’s academic competencies.

“We intend to focus, amongst others, aeronautical engineering, civil engineering, agriculture, medicine, and business, management and finance,” Col. Moono added.

The Commandant added that through the Centre of Advanced Learning, ZAF would be able to meet, interact, share and build on ideas with academia and nondefense forces personnel.

HEA Director General, Prof. Stephen Simukanga, praised the move by ZAF in establishing the Centre of Advanced Learning and encouraged them to engage with the Authority so as to ensure that all the stages in its establishment are followed.