Video Diary: Getting to Know HEA – “What is Auditing?” with Mr. Suzyo Soko

The Higher Education Act, 2013, defines institutional audits as a quality assurance tool which involves evaluation of institutions, policies, systems, strategies and resources for quality management of the core functions of teaching, learning, research and public service using set audit criteria.

Furthermore, the Higher Education (Amendment) Act, 2021 Section 22 A (1) provides for the Higher Education Authority (HEA) to conduct annual audits on Higher Education Institutions (HEIs). The Amendment Act states that an HEI registered or declared by statutory order under the Act shall be subjected to an annual institutional audit by the Authority in the prescribed manner and form on payment of the prescribed fee.

In this week’s video diary segment of the HEA Newsletter, Mr. Suzyo Soko, the Senior Inspector – Institutional Audits, describes, in detail, the institutional auditing process conducted by the Inspectorate Unit of the Authority.

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