The Higher Education (Amendment) Bill, 2021

Cabinet has approved the publication and introduction in Parliament of The Higher Education (Amendment) Bill, 2021.

The objectives of this Bill are to amend the Higher Education Act No. 4 of 2013 so as to redefine the functions of the Higher Education Authority (HEA); reconstitute the Board of the Authority; redefine the categories of Higher Education Institutions (HEIs); and provide for accreditation of Learning Programmes (LPs) for HEIs.

It has been noted that various higher learning institutions have authority to accredit LPs both for foreign and local higher learning institutions. This has created a duplication of functions between HEA and other higher learning institutions. Cabinet felt the need to remove the duplication that currently exists between the Authority and other higher education learning institutions and bring about order in terms of accreditation of LPs for both local and foreign learning institutions.

Following the approval by Cabinet to amend the Higher Education Authority Act No. 4 of 2013, Cabinet also approved amendments of other consequential legislation across the higher learning institutions and these are as follows:

  1. The Zambia Institute of Purchasing and Supply (Amendment) Bill, 2021, and The Accountants (Amendment) Bill, 2021 under the Ministry of Finance;
  2. The Zambia Institute of Advanced Legal Education (Amendment) Bill, 2021, under the Ministry of Justice;
  3. The Zambia Institute of Marketing (Amendment) Bill, 2021 under the Ministry of Commerce, Trade and Industry;
  4. The Zambia Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport (Amendment) Bill, 2021 and The Engineering Institution of Zambia (Amendment) Bill, 2021 under the Ministry of Transport and Communications;
  5. The Health Professions (Amendment) Bill, 2021 under the Ministry of Health;
  6. The Zambia Institute for Tourism and Hospitality Studies (Amendment) Bill, 2021 under the Ministry of Tourism and Arts; and
  7. The Urban and Regional Planners (Amendment) Bill, 2021 under the Ministry of Local Government.

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