Picture Diary: The Director-General’s Familiarisation Tour of HEIs

Higher Education Authority (HEA) Director-General, Prof. Stephen Simukanga, went on a familiarisation tour of sampled Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) and proposed HEIs dotted across the country. The tour took him to Lusaka, Southern, Central and Copperbelt Provinces, visiting seven (5) HEIs and 2 proposed HEIs.

The tour allowed the Director-General to be part of and witness how the inspectorate conducted verification of academic learning programmes and academic staff, online library facilities/resources, compliance certificates from local authority, technological facilities, and physical infrastructure such as Library, Classrooms, Computer Laboratory, Accommodation, Sanitation and Recreation facilities.

The tour took place from 20th to 24th February, 2023.

The Director-General visited the named institutions on the indicated dates:

  1. Kafue Institute of Health Sciences – Monday, 20th February, 2023
  2. Twin Palm University – Monday, 20th February, 2023
  3. Proposed Jamodha University College – Tuesday, 21st February, 2023
  4. Paglory University – Wednesday, 22nd February, 2023
  5. Proposed Citizen University College – Thursday, 23rd February, 2023
  6. Zambia University College of Technology (Zambia ICT) – Friday, 24th February, 2023
  7. Northrise University – Friday, 24th February, 2023