HEA Meets with NMCZ as the Authority Continues to Effect the Higher Education (Amendment) Act

The HEA and NMCZ team pose for a group photo outside NMCZ’s main administration offices.

The Higher Education Authority (HEA) met with the Nursing and Midwifery Council of Zambia (NMCZ) as it continues to implement the Higher Education (Amendment) Act No. 23 of 2021.

Speaking during the meeting, HEA Director-General, Prof.  Stephen Simukanga, stated that both HEA and NMCZ were government institutions that exist for the sole purpose of implementing government’s mandate and ensuring that the service delivered is of optimum quality.

“We do not believe that one regulation body can do everything (in quality assurance), this is we need a working mechanism to ensure that each one of the various regulation bodies contributes to ensuring the quality of training being offered,” Prof. Simukanga stated.

The Director-General further mentioned that it was because of this reason that the Higher Education (Amendment) Act No. 23 of 2021 has a provision in Part IVA Section 23 which states that despite any other written law, the Authority shall, in consultation with relevant professional institutions, accredit learning programmes offered in a higher education institution.

“We have embarked on meetings like these so that we can agree on how we actualise the consultation that the Amendment Act highlights so that when we make a decision, that decision would have been made collectively as we would have consulted you,” Prof. Simukanga added.

And speaking during the meeting, NMCZ Director Education and Training, Mr. Toddy Sinkamba, stated that the Council had been directed by the Minister of Health to meet with HEA and, as technocrats, iron out the perceived duplication.

The Amendment Act has brought a new status quo to the higher education subsector through, amongst others, all Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) being brought under HEA, including nursing and midwifery colleges; and, the Authority has accreditation oversight over all learning programmes in all HEIs except TEVET programmes.

HEA and NMCZ will formalise the actualisation of the consultation through the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU), which the institutions started developing immediately after the meeting ended.

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