HEA Launches State of Higher Education in Zambia 2020

The Higher Education Authority (HEA) has published the State of Higher Education in Zambia 2020: Teaching and Learning in the New Normal. The publication of this report is backed by the Higher Education Act No. 4 of 2013 which requires the HEA to publish, on an annual basis, the state of higher education report.

This report is aimed at providing annual reliable statistics on the higher education subsector and, as such, provide a platform for discussing emerging issues in the higher education subsector.

The major crisis that the higher education subsector faced in 2020 was the global outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, which triggered a series of changes in the subsector that included the closure of Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) and restrictions on some educational activities. These changes had significant effects on teaching and learning in the country.

Therefore, the 2020 report, in addition to providing statistics on the sector, has an explicit focus on the reactions of the higher education subsector to COVID-19-induced changes. In particular, the report highlights the experiences of HEIs, its lecturers and students in coping with COVID-19-induced changes.

The theme of the 2020 report, Teaching and Learning in the New Normal, is meant to reflect these changes and experiences.

Download the full report here.

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