HEA Holds Workshop to Finalise the Development of an Integrated Quality Assurance Framework

Higher Education Authority’s (HEA) Director General, Prof. Stephen Simukanga, has said that the development of the Integrated Quality Assurance Framework will demonstrate the Authority’s resolve to developing and implementing a robust external quality assurance system for the Zambian higher education sector.

Prof. Simukanga said this on Monday, 27th September, 2021, when he officially opened the Integrated Quality Assurance Framework Workshop HEA was conducting at Fresh View Homes in Siavonga.

The Director General stated that the development of the Integrated Quality Assurance Framework is one of HEA’s most important deliverables as it will bring together several quality assurance policies that the Authority has spent the past couple of years developing.

“Even though we have tirelessly worked on several quality assurance policies, they are scattered and not in one document,” Prof. Simukanga said, continuing, “thus, this framework will bring all these together so that when someone looks at one document, they can see the full face of the Authority in that document.”

The Director General further stated that the Framework, which will be developed into a handbook, must be simple, clear and provide all the relevant information on quality assurance processes and procedures that underpin HEA’s work.

Prof. Simukanga gives the opening remarks for the workshop.
On his right, Dr. Chifwepa.

The Integrated Quality Assurance Framework will, therefore, provide a summary of tools and procedures that underpin HEA’s quality assurance system. The handbook will focus on quality assurance processes related to registration of Higher Education Institutions (HEIs), institutional audits, accreditation of learning programmes, classification of HEIs, affiliations and student transfers.

Furthermore, the handbook will provide a guide to HEIs, quality assurance practitioners and other stakeholders on HEA’s quality assurance processes and procedures in higher education. In addition, the handbook will contain information on statutory provisions and regulations that govern the higher education sector in Zambia.

Therefore, the 6-day Integrated Quality Assurance Framework Workshop intended to finalise the development of the handbook in order to provide a simplified frame of reference for all HEA’s quality assurance processes and procedures. Further, the Workshop will consolidate all HEA procedures into a single handbook on external quality assurance.

Moreover, the Workshop will provide a guide to HEA quality assurance specialists, Learning Programme Experts (LPEs), external institutional auditors and HEIs on procedures for registration, accreditation, affiliation of HEIs, classification and audit of HEIs, in addition to providing information to the public on HEA’s quality assurance system.

Dr. Mfune guides the discussion of the workshop

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