HEA Gets Fully Vaccinated

Members of Management of the Higher Education Authority (HEA) and their families recently got their second dose of the Oxford/AstraZeneca COVID-19 vaccine (AZD1222).

Leading the charge of vaccinations when the Government of the Republic of Zambia commenced the 2nd dose vaccinations was HEA Director General, Prof. Stephen Simukanga, who got vaccinated together with his wife, daughter, daughter-in-law and two (2) sons.

HEA Director – Quality Assurance, Dr. Vitalicy Chifwepa, and his wife, Mrs. Katongo Chifwepa, the Permanent Secretary at Management Development Division (MDD) at Cabinet Office also got their second dose on the same day. The Manager – Standards, Research and Institutional Audits, Dr. Orleans Mfune, rounded off the members of HEA Management who got the vaccine at that time.

Figure 2 Prof. Simukanga getting his vaccination

Speaking after he got his vaccine, Prof. Simukanga emphasised the need to take the 2nd dose of the vaccine so that the immunity of the body is boosted in its fight against COVID-19.

“We don’t know where this pandemic is going but if there are measures like these by the Government of the Republic of Zambia to either prevent or alleviate the suffering if one gets it (COVID-19) then we should go for it, and I encourage everyone to get it,” Prof. Simukanga said.

In commenting on how he got his entire family to vaccinate, the Director General stated that the importance for everyone to get vaccinated, especially when living together, could not be overstated as everyone is protected.

“When you are living together, it doesn’t make sense when one is vaccinated and others are not, so it’s good and I’m very proud that they all agreed and every member of my family is now vaccinated,” he said.

Prof. Simukanga, with his granddaughter seated on his laps as he spoke, reiterated his call and encouragement for everyone to get vaccinated.

“We have seen and continue to see the catastrophe that the virus is causing as we are losing loved ones, if this can be the solution to this problem, let us go for it so that we can reduce on the mortalities,” Prof. Simukanga concluded.

Figure 3 Mrs. Chifwepa getting her vaccination

Speaking after she got her 2nd dose of the vaccine, the Permanent Secretary stated that the vaccination gave her sense of increased protection.

“I know it’s not 100% and I still have to take certain precautionary measures but I feel confident that I am protected to a certain degree,” Mrs. Chifwepa said.

The Permanent Secretary encouraged everyone to take courage and not to adhere to social media conspiracies but to take the vaccine for their health and protection against the COVID-19 pandemic.

HEA Corporate Communications Officer, Mr. Birbal Boniface Musoba, took the first dose of the vaccine as HEA Management and their families took their 2nd doses. Mr. Musoba had not taken the first dose during the first round of vaccinations as he was sceptical about the efficacy of the vaccine. However, he relished the chance to take the 1st dose of the vaccine when the opportunity presented itself during the second round of vaccinations as he had suffered the loss of his family members to the virus, including his uncle, Mr. Martin Musunka, the former Times of Zambia Sub Editor. May His Soul, and the Souls of all those who have succumbed to the virus, Rest in Eternal Peace.

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