HEA Director-General’s Independence Day Message

Dear fellow citizens,

On this joyous occasion of our 59th Independence Day, I extend my warmest greetings to each and every one of you. Today, we celebrate the remarkable journey of our nation towards freedom and the countless sacrifices made by our ancestors.

Independence Day serves as a reminder of our collective struggles and the unwavering spirit that binds us together as a nation. As one of those directly involved in the education administration of our country, I take immense pride in witnessing the growth and progress we have achieved over the years, particularly in the field of higher education.

Education has always been the cornerstone of any thriving society, and our nation has recognized its significance right from its inception. Our forefathers, led by President Kenneth Kaunda envisioned an educated populace that would steer the country towards growth, prosperity, and harmony. Today, we stand tall, boasting of a robust educational system that is expanding its horizons with each passing day.

While we celebrate our hard-won freedom, we once again find great relief in our government’s acknowledgement of the importance of education in shaping our future generations. His Excellency President Hakainde Hichilema has reintroduced free education and expanded the reach of student loans and bursaries because of his belief in education. His passion for education remains underlined by his message that “education equips our youth with the necessary skills, knowledge, and values to become responsible citizens who contribute positively to our society”.  Besides, we are comforted by the New Dawn Government’s belief that true freedom lies in educating the masses because education empowers people to question, analyse, and think critically, fostering a culture of innovation and progress.

Further, we at Higher Education Authority believe that education is not merely limited to classrooms and textbooks. It extends beyond those traditional boundaries. Therefore, we are committed to providing equitable access to quality higher education to all, irrespective of their social, economic, or geographical backgrounds. We remain devoted to support government’s aspiration to bridge the gap and ensure that every child receives a fair chance to nurture their potentials and dreams.

Today, as we mark this historic day, let us also take a moment to reflect on the challenges that lie ahead. Our nation’s progress in education has been remarkable, but we must continually strive for excellence. It is our duty, as HEA to ensure that our higher educational institutions remain centres of transformation, nurturing young minds and preparing them for the dynamic world of tomorrow. But this is also the responsibility of parents, lecturers, and all our higher education institutions to ensure that we build ourselves a higher education system that shall be able to answer to the development needs of our time.

On this Independence Day, the Higher Education Authority reaffirms its commitment towards supporting the New Dawn Government in fostering innovation and inclusivity in higher education. The Authority shall continue to ensure that our youth are empowered with the right skill-set to build a better future for themselves and our beloved nation.

I urge each one of you to join hands in this noble endeavour, for our collective efforts will shape the destiny of our nation. Together, let us all do our part in support the government’s good intentions for the education sector and stride towards a future where education becomes a beacon of hope, a vehicle for social progress, and a catalyst for positive change.

Happy Independence Day to all!