HEA Board Chairperson Calls for HEA to be More Visible

The Chairperson of the Board of the Higher Education Authority (HEA) has charged HEA to become more visible in order for its stakeholders to see how efficient and effective the Authority has become.

Speaking during the induction of the Board of the Authority at Bonanza Resort and Hotel in Lusaka, Prof. Levy Siaminwe, the Board Chairperson, charged the appointed Directors of the Board to uphold fiduciary responsibility as they guide HEA on behalf of the Zambian people.

“We are sitting on the Board on behalf of the stakeholders and, in this case, they are the Zambian people,” Prof. Siaminwe said, adding, “(the Zambia people) want to see that the higher education sector is performing the way it should be in an environment that is driving development and economic progress.”

Prof. Siaminwe urged that this meant that Directors of the Board have to put the interest of the Zambian people first and the interest of the Board secondary, more especially in situations that the Board has to make difficult decisions. He said that that was what the duty of care of the responsibility bestowed upon them as the Board of the Authority demanded.

“Zambia has aspirations to be a middle-income country but if we develop a higher education sector that will perform as it should be, we can exceed this,” he said.

Prof. Siaminwe giving closing remarks during the Induction Workshop for the Board of the Authority.

The Board Chairperson urged the Directors of the Board to uphold integrity above everything else as it was the key to making the Board effective in what it did.

“As I said in my acceptance speech on behalf of the Board Members during the inauguration ceremony, I have no doubt that the ladies and gentlemen that have been put on the Board have the capacity and capability to execute all the duties required of them,” Prof. Siaminwe stated.

The Board Chair thanked the current HEA Management for holding the Workshop for the new Directors of the Board.

The induction of the Board of the Authority was held from 22nd to 24th May, 2023.