Happy Birthday – Dr. Kenneth Kaunda

Happy 96th Birthday to the Founding President of the Republic of Zambia, Dr. Kenneth Kaunda

The Higher Education Authority’s (HEA) Management and Staff would like to wish the Founding President of the Republic of Zambia, Dr. Kenneth David Buchizya Kaunda, our beloved K.K., a happy, blessed and healthy 96th Birthday.

Your Excellency, HEA is grateful for the foundation that you laid for, not only Zambia, but higher education in Zambia, a foundation that saw the formation of the first university in Zambia, the University of Zambia; a foundation that saw many Zambians get free education, most of whom could not afford it; a foundation upon without which, Zambia’s education system would not have thrived; and, a foundation upon which we continue to build.

Your Excellency, may today be a reinvigorating reminder of the great hope that lies before our great nation even as we celebrate, reflect and rejoice your 96th Birthday.

Send in your birthday messages for Dr. Kaunda to corporateservices@hea.org.zm and we shall publish it on our Facebook page.*

Wish the Founding President a Happy Birthday @HEAZambia on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube using the hashtag #HEAZambia #HigherEducationZambia, and visit our website for ALL the information on higher education in Zambia.


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