The most significant justification for establishment of the HEA is effective quality assurance in service delivery by higher education institutions. The HEA will ensure that higher education institutions provide tangible evidence to demonstrate that they are providing acceptable quality and relevant education, in an appropriate environment, which is recognized nationally and internationally.

To this effect, an effective mechanism should be put in place to ensure quality assurance in terms of standards and qualifications to be offered by public and private Higher Education Institutions alike. An accreditation system will also be put in place as part of the quality assurance system. A National Qualification Framework (NQF) is currently being developed which will ensure acceptable standards of various qualifications offered by different higher education institutions. 

Specifically, the HEA will:

Promote and enhance quality assurance by setting quality criteria and standards;

Ensure that quality assurance procedures are put in place, followed and monitored;

Conduct quality assurance audits to all institutions under its mandate;

Facilitate common quality assurance systems in all institutions under its mandate.


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