The Teaching Council of Zambia (TCZ) has in accordance with the provisions of the Teaching Profession Act No.5 of 2013 Part IV: section 42(3), denied accreditation of the following 16 colleges of education for failure to meet the required standards.

In a press statement issued by TCZ Spokesperson, Ngoza Malonga, the Council, therefore, directed the affected institutions to cease operations or risk being prosecuted on prohibition of training without accreditation pursuant to section 43 of the Teaching Profession Act No. 5 of 2013.

“According to this section, a college of education that provides training or holds out as an accredited college of education without accreditation from the Council commits an offence and is liable, upon conviction, to a fine not exceeding one (1) million penalty units," Ms. Malonga said.

However, in an exclusive interview with the Higher Education Authority (HEA), Ms. Malonga pointed out that students that graduated from the said colleges were not affected as the colleges were accredited at the time of their graduation.

The Spokesperson further stated that since the institutions had three (3) cohorts, year 3s would be placed under the care of the institutions until they graduate and will be allowed to proceed and write exams to avoid exam centre confusions, whilst years 1 and 2 will be transfer to an accredited college.

“The receiving college will recognise their CAs from their former colleges in order to allow them to continue studies in the same year as they were at their previous colleges,” she said.

Ms. Malonga encouraged anyone seeking clarification on the denial of accreditation and the transfer of students to refer to the TCZ’s accreditation booklet.


The 16 colleges of education that have been denied accreditation are:

  1. Brima Southrise College of Education, in Monze;
  2. Broadway Institute Teacher Education, in Ndola;
  3. Coweth College of Education, in Choma;
  4. Immaculata College of Education, in Kabwe;
  5. Kasempa College of Education, in Kitwe;
  6. Kitwe City College of Education, in Kitwe;
  7. Marshill College of Education, in Mansa;
  8. Mel College of Education, in Kitwe;
  9. Mochipapa College of Education, in Choma;
  10. Mosi-O-Tunya College Education, in Livingstone;
  11. Mpongwe College of Education, in Mpongwe;
  12. Mukuba College of Education, in Kitwe;
  13. Riverbank College of Education, in Senanga;
  14. Serenje Professional College of Education, in Serenje.
  15. Siakama College of Education, in Kitwe; and,
  16. Spark College of Education, in Luanshya.

Ms. Malonga further added that TCZ would continue to ensure that there was quality provision of teacher training in all colleges of education by continuing to implement its legal mandate of ensuring compliance to set standards by all colleges of education.

In 2018, HEA signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the TCZ to strengthen collaborations in regulating the teaching fraternity, through engagement of the Council by the Authority on issues of accreditation and registration of training programmes.


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