The functions of the Authority are to:

(a) advise the Minister on any aspect of higher education;
(b) develop and recommend policy on higher education, including the establishment of public higher education institutions and the registration of private higher education institutions;
(c) establish a coordinated higher education system which promotes corporate governance and provides for a programme based higher education;
(d) regulate higher education institutions and coordinate the development of higher education;
(e) promote quality assurance in higher education;
(f) audit the quality assurance mechanisms of higher education;
(g) restructure and transform higher education institutions and programmes to be responsive to the human resource, economic and development needs of the Republic;
(h) promote the access of students to higher education institutions;
(i) design and recommend an institutional quality assurance system for higher education institutions, and recommend to the Minister institutional quality assurance standards for:

i. The establishment, standardisation and registration of higher education institutions, including standards of plant and equipment;
ii. The preparation and amendment of statutes;
iii. The development of curricula;
iv. Libraries, laboratories, workshops and other facilities; and
v. Student transfers between academic programmes among higher education institutions;

(j) advise the Minister on the funding arrangements for public higher education institutions;
(k) advise the Minister on staff development for higher education;
(l) promote equity in access to higher education through the provision of student assistance programmes;
(m) promote international cooperation and facilitate exchange through the provision of student assistance research and teaching; and
(n) do all such things as are necessary or conducive for the achievement of the purposes of this Act.

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