The Business of Quality Assurance in Higher Education

The Quality Assurance, Registration and Accreditation Department represents the Higher Education Authority’s (HEA) backbone and core business.

The department is responsible for ensuring registration of private Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) and the accreditation of learning programmes of both private and public HEIs.

The department is also responsible for conducting institutional audits of HEIs. These audits are a quality assurance tool which involves evaluation of institutions, policies, systems, strategies and resources for quality management of the core functions of teaching, learning, research and public service using set audit criteria.

Lead by the Director, Dr. Vitalicy Chifwepa, the department comprises the Quality Assurance Officer, Ms. Elizabeth Namonje, and ensures that inspections of HEIs are conducted to ensure quality in Higher Education in Zambia.

Meet the Head of Quality Assurance, Registration and Accreditation

Dr. Chifwepa is the first person to hold this position at the #HEAZambia since our inception.

As the man in charge of our backbone and core business, he is involved in coordination of registration and quality assurance of private higher education and accreditation of learning programmes in both public and private higher education institutions.

Looking at his CV, one gets the clear impression of why he is the man in charge. He has teaching, research and administration experience spanning over many years.

In addition to being a trained and experienced manager of distance education, Dr. Chifwepa has wide experience in modern information management and application of ICTs, and is trained and experienced in management of information as well as distance education systems.

Meet the Quality Assurance Officer

Ms. Namonje is the person literally who ensures quality in #HigherEducation in Zambia, with her daily job activities involve participating in the Registration, Accreditation and Audits of Higher Education Institutions.

Ms. Namonje is a well presented, hardworking person who thrives at the chance of learning new skills.

“I have excellent communication skills and enjoy working with the public,” she says, with an inviting and warm smile. We believe her.

Ms. Namonje is a go-getter, who is always determined above the rest to effectively achieve every task given in a professional and efficient manner, having had proven these skills through her studies at University and work placements.

“Coming from a scientific background, a background rooted in collaboration, I like to think of myself as someone who works well alongside others and is easy to get along with,” she adds.

As a postgraduate with experience in higher education, Ms. Namonje has successfully combined academic study and professionalism.

“When am out of office, I spend my time with my family and friends. I like going to the cinema, cooking and baking.

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By Birbal Boniface Musoba, IEC Officer
15th September, 2017

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